What we do

In Exur we offer consulting on specific issues that will help grow your business, and will ensure the best productivity of your company in the Online world.

Marketing Online

 We have excellent digital marketing strategies.


Make your brand has a presence online using the best techniques.

Media Buying

 Get the best place to advertise.

Email Marketing

Make your marketing strategy by email.

Landing Pages

Optimize your Landing Page creation and get the most out of.


We provide everything you need to carry out the sale process, buys and swap through the Internet.


Exur products are the result of analysis on demand for items of excellence to meet the needs of our clients consumers. Our products are made by specialists in all types of industries and, through effective coordination by our Area Leaders, focus their expertise to create effective solutions for all kinds of targets.

About us

In Exur innovate is our mission Equipo EXUR

About us

We are a young company that is always looking for the creativity and innovation, with the purpose to keep us up and with demand that the Online world requires. We have customers all around the world who daily trust on our products and services.

We also use technology, which enables us to stay ahead and make our work more efficiently and get our aims.



Our Team

team 1

Dan Goldsmit - CEO

I love learning new things, I'm in constant pursuit of human development. I am a fan of business and the internet, and especially internet business, I love my bike and travel around the world.
team 1

Mario Alba - Operations Manager

When I'm not at a computer, I practice wakeboard, freeboard and mountainboard, any table that you can climb and take speed, make me feel a great satisfaction. I like to travel to remote and little known places. Internet has always been my life.
team 1

Héctor Reyes - Media Manager

I consider that I’m a very passionate person. My main support in life is my family, my wife and my daughter are my motivation. I think the transcendence is the way how we affect positively the life of someone else, even when you're not there, and I want to transcend.
team 1

Matías Perea - Project Coordinator

I enjoy playing classical guitar and jogging. I love Italian food, especially pasta and pizza. I love movies and soccer, and I love working on the Internet, because you have the ability to reach millions of people from a single computer.
team 1

Carlos Sandoval - Administrative coordinator

I enjoy every activity I do in my job, I'm a person who likes challenges. I prepare to always have the correct answer to any situation that arises. I am a big fan of almost all kinds of sports.
team 1

Alondra González - Project Coordinator

Independent and persevering, passionate about reading, especially novels. I love music, in fact, I can measure my mood what I'm hearing. I like movies, especially suspense, and I like to spend my Sundays skating.
team 1

Nabil Abad - Multimedia Developer

I am passionate about sport because it energized me, I love ride the motorcycle. Photography, video and film are another of my passions, especially thriller, and one of my greatest pleasures is reading, I find it relaxing to all the electronics involved.
team 1

Antonio Montes - Content Developer

I am a big fan of reading novels and classics. My passion: ancient history, especially the classic combat and war. I like contact sports, mainly rugby. I love to dance, they say that dancing is the vertical representation of an horizontal desire.
team 1

Francisco Torres - Content Developer

I am fascinated by travel, especially at the beach. Cinema is another of my great tastes: action, suspense, science fiction. I believe that the responsibility and loyalty are fundamental values on anyone. Being happy is not an option, it is an obligation.
team 1

Rodrigo Ramos - Content Developer

I love magic, so I'm very superstitious. Dragons, elves and similar are my hit. I am an expert in almost all kinds of anime and war games. I am a fan of literature, mainly horror epic, I love to go swimming, baseball and football.

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If you have any questions or comments, let us know! One of the values of Exur is the interactivity as standard, so we'd love to hear your opinion.

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7th Floor, Huma House, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland.
With an operational office in: Bosque de Radiatas #42 – 302, Col. Bosques de las Lomas México, D.F. C.P. 05120.

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Tel: +52 (55) 5245 1264
Fax: +52 (55) 5004 4310 

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